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Day 16 – Galpins Unite!

Today was going to bring a new test in my teaching skills as i would not only be teaching kids i didn’t know, but today i would be teaching 2 kids i knew pritty well, you could say i knew them so well they were like family! How would Miriam and Josh react to me turning from cool fun cousin (its true, they said it themselves!) to cool fun teacher (obviously not bigging myself up too much) Well today would be the day that i find out!

The day started normally (late up, and rushing to school) and i enjoyed the … Continue Reading

Day 15 – A Galpin, late? Never…

It should now be quite aware to you all that i do not get out of bed easily (some of you may know this from experience) so saying that i got out of bed around my normal time this morning does not i got out of bed when i needed to! It means i got out of bed late, very late! Me and morning lie-in’s go together almost as well as my mum and the song “Our God is a Great Big God”! So there was the usual, “No time for breakfast”, “Where is my pirate t-shirt” this morning as … Continue Reading

Day 14 – Message in a Bottle

Today was the first day of the hugely anticipated Activity Week (i was one of those people eagerly anticipating it) But, of course, there was the rather large matter (very large) of getting out of bed in time for school! Thankfully thought, i managed to hall myself out and into school on time (just!) But when i got there, i did feel a little under dressed. All the other teachers looked like proper pirates with hats and swords and eye-patches. Whereas i was wearing my Reading shirt, flip-flops, a belt around the chest and shoulder and an attempted beard that … Continue Reading

Day 13 – The McMillan Meal

Today, i was again given free rain on when to get up. Apart from the small matter of church. But thankfully this was at 11 and just a 10 mins walk away so i could have a lie-in till almost 10:40 and still get to church on time (of course, this was not enough for me) I left it till 10:45 to get out of bed and left the house at 10:55 (i always leave things to the last minute) Obviously, i was late for church, but only 5 or so minutes late so i only missed the notices (which, … Continue Reading

Day 12 – “Oh Lazy of Days”

OK, i can pretty much sum up all that i did in one word: nothing! It was like the classic Saturdays i had enjoyed before i started work at Waitrose (who cruelly took my saturdays away form me!) But this time i would not be deprived of the bliss that is knowing you have nothing to do! (to me, this is the best news to get) So, as a try professional lazyman, i slept. I continued to sleep. I awoke, toileted (ok, originally, i wasn’t going to write this, but i think i have to) i had been thinking about … Continue Reading

Day 11 – “I’ll get up in another 5 mins, What harm can it do…!?”

I’d like to say that since i have been in Nepal i have turned over a new leaf and instead of being the old lazy Ryan that waits for the last minute to get up, i had become a new and improved model that got up in perfect time and was easily to school on time (again, i emphasize, i’d like to say. Of course, i cant) Every mother knows that teenagers are the hardest living things to get out of bed (and my mum can certainly vouch for that!) Wasn’t it Jesus that once said “Its harder for a … Continue Reading

Day 10 – A Taste of Things to Come

This morning there would be more school pictures. This time however, it was the classic individual and class pictures (the ones that your mum gets really annoyed at a) you if you look silly or pull a funny face and/or b) other kids who pull a funny face and “Ruin a perfectly good picture” as quoted by my mum!) But this time i wouldn’t have to worry about the disapproving motherly backlash as i would not be in any of the pictures (phew!) and instead i could focus on getting comfortable in the staffroom and making a cup of tea! … Continue Reading

Day 9 – Say Cheese!

I was starting to get the hang of the early mornings and was easily getting up and ready in time for school (and yes, its still Ryan Galpin here!) today thought, i made sure i looked extra smart because today was the day of the school photo! So i made sure i did my hair, put on my best sports wear and made sure i washed my face so that i wouldn’t look terrible (not that i care about my appearance because im a man *manly grr*) So Mrs. Galpin, i mean, Mr. Galpin toddled off to school for the … Continue Reading

Day 8 – The miracle of technology

I honestly thought that today was going to beingĀ  with a long arduous bike ride beginning at 5.45 and ending when i collapsed in the middle of nowhere and only being able to say “hi my name is Ryan” to any passing by Nepali. But, God does work in mysterious ways, and today was of those days! (and i am so glad he picked today!) For some unknown reason (thanks God) my mobile phone which i set my alarm on reset in the middle of the night. Meaning that my alarm didn’t go off, i didn’t wake up and i … Continue Reading

Day 7 – “Whats my age again?”

First day of school! (i feel like im a kid all over again!) I felt all nervous when i woke up with those old worries we all get when going to a new school, office, church: will the other people like me? Will i fit in with everyone? Will i get bullied by other people!? (ok, being a lifeguard and a PE teacher, i wasn’t too bothered about that one) But i should have known that everything would go swimmingly (because im a lifeguard… rubbish, i know! I did try to resist, honest!)

I woke up reasonably well as i had … Continue Reading