Day 5 – A new Home

Ahhhh, the weekend! With it comes lazy days and joyful nothingness. However, today would not be such a day for me (but not if i have anything to say mind!)

It started, yet again, with another impromptu awakening. This time, at 5.45. This was not so bad as i had already had around 8 hours sleep however decided to go back to sleep as i thought i deserved it because of all the early KISC meetings i had gone to.

At 9.45 i managed to drag myself out of bed and get ready for… church!? I managed to quickly wolf down some breakfast (still no bo-fallo malk) and we shot off for church. Cynthia had said i would get a lot of bible reading done and i soon saw why. The service was all in Nepali (goody goody) However, i really enjoyed it! It was amazing to compare it to St. James. They all prayed out load at the same time, a lot of the time the worship leader stopped singing and everyone kept singing, they all clapped along to the songs and looked like they were really enjoying the music AND THE DRUMMER GOT T USE STICKS! However, one thing that i didn’t really like (mainly because i couldn’t really speak Nepali) was the fact that everyone who was new to the church were asked to stand up and introduce themselves and of course, as i could only say Hi, my name is Ryan, it was a while before they realised that was all i had and clapped me more in sympathy than because of my great words of wisdom and faith. And (no joke) the congregation started shouting out songs they wanted to sing! And the Worship leader couldn’t play most of them because they were too new! And not “Micheal Paterson new” but “Your Name High new”! It was so much more relaxed and free. I was gutted it was unable to understand what was being said.

After lunch i watched “Flushed Away” with the Chadwell’s which was awesome! I had forgotten how good that film is! (“Action” “We surrender” “No, not that action!” he he Le Frog, you legend!) Anyone who hasn’t sen Flushed Away, do it now!

I then packed and we set off to me next home with the O’Neills. We all had a good chat and i met Mikah who i would be teaching who is definitely a cool dude in school. I then set off with the Chadwell’s to see the lights around Patan as it was the the middle of the festival of light.

We set off and I was immediately getting my camera out (typical tourist i know) as we walked past the houses and shops. The lights, the colours and the floor paintings were stunning and the nearer we got to the main street, the more decorative and intricate these floor paintings got. We eventually decided to stop and get some dinner. We tried to get into a restaurant called “The Cafe Bar” but they were shut for the festival. We had to try and find another place and settled on not the greatest looking place in Nepal. My thoughts were confirmed when i was handed my burger and i a) had to take out the salad because it hadn’t been cleaned and b) the burger was rubbish. But hey, I’m in Nepal! I’m not going to get anything that amazing am I.

We then went back to the O’Neills and I joined Mikah, his 2 friends and Bruce on the roof lighting and watching fireworks which was an interesting but enjoyable experience. I decided to have a go at lighting one and the rocket proceeded to veer off towards the neighbours roof (Ahhhhh!) , land on it (Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh!) and explode (oh man, I’m in trouble! And I’m meant to be a teacher!) However, thankfully no one was on the roof and i felt ok to laugh and so did everyone else. I then joined everyone in a drink of Pepsi and a chat and then got a quick tour of the house by Sue.

I’m doubting ill get much sleep tonight because of the festival going on. However, i’ve been told Mikah is a lyer-iner too so that’s good. International Church at 11am tomorrow (lie-in till 10.59? I think so!)

5 Responses to “Day 5 – A new Home”

  1. jeremy g said:

    Oct 23, 09 at 3:13 am

    was it a good chat or a God chat? 10:59 sounds like ryan on a sunday morning!!!

  2. Paul Roberts said:

    Oct 23, 09 at 1:53 pm

    Hi Ryan
    It sounds as if you’re having a great time. Woodley will seem rather ‘ordinary’ when you get back, I’m sure. By the way – what does KISC stand for?
    Best wishes for the rest of your time away.

  3. Linda said:

    Oct 23, 09 at 3:35 pm

    lol lol lol…….

    I’m so enjoying your blog -Really pleased it’s all working out so well – God is good!!! Doesn’t feel like you’re half way round the world when we can keep in touch so easily. Box nearly packed will send it on Monday -via Mark at UMF. But you will have to share the chocolate with the rest of the Galpins. Enjoy Diwali – sounds really spectacular.

  4. ryan said:

    Oct 23, 09 at 4:45 pm

    KISC stands for Kathmandu International Study Center. Its got about 160 kids from year 1 all the way up to 6th form and also do teacher training!! Its a great place and it is a completely christian school so all the kids sing worship songs and we pray before every day and we try to show Gods love in how we teach and help the kids to learn=) And i get to do an assembly too!!!!!! (Feels both scared and excited but knows that because he is the son of Linda Galpin he will be fine)
    Thanks For reading Paul=) hope you enjoy it!!!!
    God Bless

  5. ryan said:

    Oct 23, 09 at 4:53 pm

    Sorry, it was a good chat. The “o” on this laptop is a bit =S even then i had to make sure I had put 2 o’s on!


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