Day 7 – “Whats my age again?”

First day of school! (i feel like im a kid all over again!) I felt all nervous when i woke up with those old worries we all get when going to a new school, office, church: will the other people like me? Will i fit in with everyone? Will i get bullied by other people!? (ok, being a lifeguard and a PE teacher, i wasn’t too bothered about that one) But i should have known that everything would go swimmingly (because im a lifeguard… rubbish, i know! I did try to resist, honest!)

I woke up reasonably well as i had decided to go to bed early in preparation for today. I awoke, had a shower (after having to wait ages for Mikah to finish. He’s just like… ME!!!), ate and was out of the door in great time. I was going to be early! (i am never early to anything and Ian can vouch for me when i say that) Oh, hold up! I had forgotten to take my whistle! So i had to go all the way back to get it meaning that instead of being impressively early, i was on time (which is still good for me)

I managed to get settled in the staff room (after wanting to go in to one ever since i was a little kid it felt good being there) but before long i was called out by Leslie to be introduced to all the primary kids outside. She proceeded to say:
“And this is Mr. Galpin who will be teaching PE this term”
I half expected my dad to pop out of nowhere with the typical over enthusiastic and predictably rubbish PE teacher look with shorts too short to be legal, socks so high up his legs that you would think that that was indeed a part of his leg and always jogging! A guy who went home after school and played chess with his son and sat listening to Cliff Richard (i hate to admit it but i am doing just that now!) until dinner and was then straight to bed! But she was indeed talking about me!

I was soon back in the staffroom though as i had 1 hour free so i used it wisely and decided to get *cough* “settled in” (i did nothing) before Grade 9 PE.

I was yet to meet Mr. Bippin who taught Secondary PE so we were only able to exchange a few words as we walked up the stairs to the room. He seemed very cool and i learned that he was an extremely good basketball player (so good infact that he is in the Nepali national team!) When we got up to the roof Bippin started the lesson and to my surprise i saw Mikah and the 2 mates who were with him saturday night in the class! I sat back for most of the lesson and took in all that Bippin did and learned a lot about how he taught and kept control of the class. The lesson went well but there was no rest as i was almost right back on the roof for grade 5 & 6 PE with Dave. This i knew was going to be more of a challenge as Dave had asked me to take 1/2 of the group for a match when we had chatted before (ahh! Responsibility) I took the girls down to the hall and they seemed to really enjoy not having the boys playing. There was 1 girl who had a pretty hard kick on her so i had a few yelps of shock and fear as balls came flying towards the girls (i did get more than a but worried when this happened) but they were ok.

Then it was lunch time and i chatted with a few teachers while i ate warmed up leftovers from last nights dinner (was still very good!) I then was eventually hanging around waiting for Leslie as we were both going to be teaching Grade 4. It got to 12.28 (lesson started at 12.25) and i eventually questioned her worried that i may have been wrong and i infact was meant to take the class. However, i was right the first time and she just completely forgot and was rather thankful i had said something.

The lesson itself was uneventful and i enjoyed watching the kids have fun doing double-dutch skipping (this is when the people turning the rope at the ends actually turn 2 one after another) I did have a go, but failed miserably.

The final lesson was grade 6S and i was with Bippin again and we did exactly what we did with the Grade 9′s apart from most of the lesson me and Bippin were marveling at one kids skill as he managed to do 1134 keepy-uppies and a time of 13 seconds for the dribbling run (others were doing 20-30 secs, he was very good!)

I then decided to take the opportunity to shadow a lesson (ok, Judith advised me to and i did as i was told) and went to Grade 5 & 6 and watched Miss. Moore teach them and she gave me good advice on dealing with certain kids. She seemed in complete control and the kids hardly miss behaved. The class was fun and afterwards we had a good chat.

It was then home time and i relaxed and read as i waited for dinner which came around very promptly and we had delicious Spaghetti & Meatballs (didn’t think i’d be able to say that while i was out here) I was asked if i wanted to go on a bike ride tomorrow with Mikah and Bruce. I accepted (i am a PE teacher afterall!) However, i would have to get up at 5.30 in the morning! (i’ve already got myself into it! There’s no way to escape!) I then fixed the bike i would use with Mikah. We managed to change the wheel but the pump wouldn’t work and we were unable to pump it up (was this the easy escape i had been hoping for!? Nope)
“I can get another pump in the morning so we can pump it up” Mikah said and that was it, i would be waking up at 5.30 in the morning baring some miracle! Mikah later thanked me for helping with the bike which was nice.

Before bed i decided to make use of the playing cards Nat had got me to keep me from getting bored (which they did) and i played a game of spider solitaire and i managed to complete it which meant i went to bed in a wave of pride (not only because i completed spider solitaire! I had just finished my first day ever as a teacher)

4 Responses to “Day 7 – “Whats my age again?””

  1. Alison Chevassut said:

    Oct 23, 09 at 9:56 pm

    Hi Ryan, You don’t know me, but I know your mum (via RE Inspired), also Mark and Liz, I’m Rachel Chevassut’s mum and we used to live in Nepal. I found your blog via facebook and LOVED reading it! It’s a great read! I can just imagine what it’s like. Hope you don’t mind! Enjoy your time there. We are hoping to visit next year..

  2. jane fulford said:

    Oct 24, 09 at 12:30 am

    It all sounds very familiar, glad you are settling into KISC.There is far more traffic and pollution than when we were there.
    English services are somehow different after you have sat through 2 hours plus of a nepali service.
    Riding a bike is fun just avoid the potholes and wear a helmet is a good recommendation

  3. jeremy galpin said:

    Oct 24, 09 at 1:09 am

    pretty intense day, not impressed with the PE teacher image you have linked to your dad!! cannot believe the 5:30 , hope you can keep up being on time.

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