Day 8 – The miracle of technology

I honestly thought that today was going to being¬† with a long arduous bike ride beginning at 5.45 and ending when i collapsed in the middle of nowhere and only being able to say “hi my name is Ryan” to any passing by Nepali. But, God does work in mysterious ways, and today was of those days! (and i am so glad he picked today!) For some unknown reason (thanks God) my mobile phone which i set my alarm on reset in the middle of the night. Meaning that my alarm didn’t go off, i didn’t wake up and i was unable to go on the bike ride; i was gutted (i really wasn’t! I was ecstatic)

However, in my joyous exstacy, i forgot that i actually had to get into school early today as i was playing drums in the primary assembly, and i didn’t know any of the songs! (a lot like a music practice when Steve picks the songs) Thankfully though, we didn’t have to resurrect anyone from the dead to learn how to play the song and i enjoyed practicing and having a laugh with Judith and Leslie. The only problem i had was the drum kit. It was dyer!! I mean, as bad, if not worse than my kit (which im hoping will magically turn into a beautiful shiny new kit when i get home!)¬† Thankfully, i found a reasonable kit in the corner behind a curtain. I began rebuilding the kit, only to be told (a bit to late because i was in my element) that that kit actually belonged to KICC, the internation church i had gone to on sunday and that KISC weren’t allowed to use it. However, i felt that God was on my side today (i know God doesn’t have sides and im not doing another “God will be with me, touch wood” moment!) and i decided to use the KICC’s snare because it was less rubbish than the KISC one. But, not to sound like a moaner, it was nice to have a drum kit to play (but it was really rubbish!)

Teaching wise, i had a very relaxed morning leading into an absolutely manic afternoon with 3 lessons one after the other (groan) This consisted of a secondary lesson, followed by a primary lesson, followed by another secondary lesson (im even getting tired writing it!) What i did enjoy though was the opportunity to actually play, which i did in the 2nd secondary lesson with Grades 11 & 12 (the oldest guys) However, i was a bit apprehensive. What if i wasn’t as good as i thought and i was actually the worst in the class! They would think “why on earth is this guy teaching us football when were already way better than him!?” But of course, im amazing at football (*cough*) and by the end of the lesson i had scored a hat-trick (that a chocolate orange please dad!) and was having the guys come up and tell me i was really good (at that point, i honestly thought i could get into England’s world cup squad!) However, i would never make it to the plane because i was so tired from the lesson! (i felt like Geriatric Ryan!) and was very thankful that that was it for the day.

When I go back to the O’Neills house i relaxed on the roof and read more of Lance Armstrongs autobiography and enjoyed the view before it was a quick dinner and now i am about to go to bed, quite early as i need to recover from the days work for tomorrow!

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  1. jeremy galpin said:

    Oct 26, 09 at 12:12 am

    in your dreams re drumkit!

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