Day 9 – Say Cheese!

I was starting to get the hang of the early mornings and was easily getting up and ready in time for school (and yes, its still Ryan Galpin here!) today thought, i made sure i looked extra smart because today was the day of the school photo! So i made sure i did my hair, put on my best sports wear and made sure i washed my face so that i wouldn’t look terrible (not that i care about my appearance because im a man *manly grr*) So Mrs. Galpin, i mean, Mr. Galpin toddled off to school for the 8 am Staff breifing. This lasted a bit longer than the 20mins first thought (10 mins more) which meant a lot of teachers had to shoot off before the end, however, i was unable to escape as easily (i swear i have never been to a meeting that has finished early! *cough* AGM & PCC meeting’s *cough*) But it soon ended and i was able to hop on the computer before Grade 10 football.

The secondary lessons were all pretty much the same as eachother as Bippin was assessing Juggling & Dribbling this term and everyone needed to be assessed (as i am rubbish at juggling i obviously didn’t demonstrate how to do it) and the lesson progressed as all the others did with everyone trying to do their best in each of the tests. When it got to the matches at the end, Bippin again asked me if i could play and being the nice person i am i accepted (eventhough i was dying to play as i had enjoyed it so much the other day) So i set about trying to make Mr. Galpin seem like a really amazing football player (which i am, but the Grade 10′s didn’t know that!) obviously, i succeeded and i even had the tenacity to pretend that i didn’t want to score because it was too easy for me (which is a lie, i just never got the chance!) However, by the end of the lesson, i was pasted in sweat and breathing very deeply (kinda looking like my dad when he runs up the stairs. Very hard work for him, bless him) I then suddenly realized that i had the school photo today! I couldn’t look like that for the picture (people would look at it and think, that guy is so unfit! He’s tired out from sitting down!) I had to go home, shower and change! Thankfully, i found Judith and asked if i could. Her “yes” was already distant as i had already rushed out of the staff room and towards the O’Neills house. Luckily, Sue was home so i was able to get in, shower and change in time.

The photo itself was fine and i think i looked ok (however, i haven’t seen the picture myself so don’t know) and thought the Grade 1 & 2′s did amazingly well to stay still for as long as they were! (again, as i haven’t seen the picture so they could have been trying to kill eachother for all i know!) Dave was the man given the responsibility to take the picture and like a true dad thought 10 seconds was more than enough time to get into the right place (i was less sure) But, thankfully (unfortunately i thought) he managed to get back in time and there was no classic hilarious shot of him misjudging his run, tripping over the camera stand and having a picture of the whole school in whales of laughter (which i thought would make a brilliant school photo!)

Straight after the photo, me, Leslie and Binod had a PE lesson with grade 3 who were very lively but thankfully, we only had about 10mins with them so they didn’t get too out of hand. Then it was a break before Grade 4 where we did cup stacking and as always, the kids insisted they had to play with the cups all the time which resulted in a lot of them having cups confiscated which i didn’t like to do (despite me really enjoying having the power to do so, i didn’t like doing it) But that lesson soon ended quite promptly as a secondary PE class was straight after. However, i would not be helping as i had another Nepali lesson (4th of 5 cruel 2 hour lessons that i was just too tired to do) But, unlike the other 3, i seemed to get the hang of it and Kalyani was very impressed and wished that she could do more with me (i did not share these sentiments and couldn’t wait till the lessons were over) The lesson came and went and i was soon off home to recover and recuperate.

Then, something amazing happened (if you know me well, this is quite amazing) I was reading Lance Armstrong’s Autobiography when suddenly, the pages seemed to run out! There was none of it left. I had finished the book! (incase you don’t know me very well, i do not read! I have never been the reading type and hadn’t read a book in years!) I have to say it was really good so thanks to my Uncle Robin for sending it my way! Feeling as if i could now read anything if i put my mind to it, i picked up my bible, turned to page 1 and began to read. By verse 2 i was already thinking that this was not as easy as i first thought it was going to be. By verse 3 i had put the bible down and had gone onto the computer to send some emails (ill do it one day! Just you wait)

Soon after the attempted bible reading mission (mission impossible in my opinion) i ate, got ready for bed, listened to a bit of music and floated into a deep recuperating sleep.

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  1. jeremy galpin said:

    Oct 26, 09 at 12:15 am

    congrats on finishing a book, wait untill u see the ones mum and andrew have chosen for you!!

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