Day 10 – A Taste of Things to Come

This morning there would be more school pictures. This time however, it was the classic individual and class pictures (the ones that your mum gets really annoyed at a) you if you look silly or pull a funny face and/or b) other kids who pull a funny face and “Ruin a perfectly good picture” as quoted by my mum!) But this time i wouldn’t have to worry about the disapproving motherly backlash as i would not be in any of the pictures (phew!) and instead i could focus on getting comfortable in the staffroom and making a cup of tea! (this may sound easy but they use milk powder for their tea and it is very hard to get the right amount of milk powder you want in your tea!) I had just succeeded in doing this when Leslie walked in with some… news (i wouldn’t call it bad news, but it wasn’t really good news either) Some neutral news! (nice alliteration as well!) Miss. O’Neil had come down with a bug and therefore couldn’t teach her class. This meant there was nobody to teach the class and i was asked to do an extra PE lesson for them. Both excitement and nervousness came flooding through me (this is my time to shine and show them what i can do!) (but can you really do it, particularly as you don’t know what to do with them & only have 1 hour to till the lesson) Thankfully i had a little time to prepare before i had to go help Bippin with Grade 8′s. To my surprise, Bippin asked me to actually take the lesson before i had to go and do the Grade 3 lesson and i enjoy talking to the kids, telling them what they will be doing and stuff like that (so pretty much telling them what to do and them doing it!) But i soon had to leave and go take the Grade 3 PE.

They came out of the classroom and i realised which class it was. It was the one Leslie had said was a pretty difficult class (bit of a baptism of fire then!) I got them all to warm up and then i explained what we would do. I had decided that i would do some games with them and hope they had fun. Firstly, the classic under-over game (an enjoyable fun game that i enjoy and hoped they would to) My first mistake was not making the teamsĀ  bit more even as i had 3 teams: 2 4′s and a 6. This meant that the under-over teams were unfair and they lost, both times, meaning that they were a bit low. I then made my 2nd mistake it choosing another team game: the throw-3-beanbags-in-a-bucket (the classic) The problem was that if someone wasn’t good at it, it would take them a long time to get the beanbags in, meaning others were waiting for a turn and getting impatient (not a good thing!) Then, disaster, a team won and suddenly a huge argument broke out as one team were incessant that they had cheated and they were not going to rest until justice was done! The other team were in complete denial (Ahhh! What to do!?!?) Binod & I managed to calm the argument and get them settled down. Thankfully, it was the end of the lesson and it wasn’t going to get too out of hand. I dismissed them (apart from the team accusing the other of cheating) and they seemed to be a bit low as the trudged out of the class. I took it to heart as i wanted them to enjoy the PE. I talked to the cheating accusers and said that they should just tell me and let me deal with it and not get involved. And that was that for my first PE lesson.

I later asked Binod how he thought it went and he surprisingly said well! He of course knew that that grade had a bit of history of lie-ing so he knew that it could happen. I felt a bit more up lifted and a chat with Leslie about it later made me feel that the lesson wasn’t as disastrous as i had first thought (this was pleasing!) It was a definite learning curve and now i know what to expect with the class and how i can deal with it.

It was then Grade 1 & 2 with Leslie and they again did cup stacking and it went reasonably well and i decided that not every class was going to go perfectly and it was going to take time for me to become my own teacher and develop my own teaching style. This lesson went smoothly and nothing went too bad.

It was then time for my last, final, penultimate Nepali lesson in the tedious series of 5 (it had been like one of those series on “watch” that you get into eventhough you know its rubbish but you can’t leave it) But it was the last in the series of The Nepali Lesson (of doom). I started, droned on and then ended. I was so relieved that the smile on my face as i said “Namaste” to Kalyani was genuine. It was just more of relief than gratitude, but i did appreciate her teaching me. Its just Nepali is not my cup of tea!

But my day was not over. I still had a staff meeting after school which i had been told by Sue could last for about 2 hours! (another long meeting, groan) But when i got into the staffroom, i was immediately glad i was there as i saw both brownie’s and Cheia (nepali tea) on the table and my mood from Nepali lesson (which was bored) instantly lifted! We started the meeting and it actually started with a welcome to me and the 2 other new teachers which was very nice (i said that the brownies were a good welcome. Brownies would be a good welcome back too!) We went through a few matters before we got onto the main one: the activity week next week. The more idea’s we flung across the table the more excited everyone seemed to get about it and by the end of the meeting, i couldn’t wait for it! (i had just become more like my mother!! Ahhh!!)

At the end, Susie told me that as i was here on my own, i was welcome to join her in going out and doing things in the evenings. I felt very thankful and said that i would definitely take up the offer when i was free. (Darn! Liverpool have just scored against Man Utd! 1-0… Torres the scorer…)

When i got home i tried to get a bit more of my blog done as i had been told that my brother was getting a bit annoyed that i hadn’t done much yet. We then had a friend of Bruce’s for dinner and i enjoyed listening and contributing to the coversation with him but soon, i decided i needed to go to bed and i did so after quite a lively day.

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  1. jeremy galpin said:

    Oct 26, 09 at 12:18 am

    good to see yopu going through the learning curve with the teaching not quite as easy as you thought?!

  2. Carol Morgan said:

    Oct 26, 09 at 2:31 pm

    Really enjoying your blog, good to hear you are enjoying it.

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