Day 12 – “Oh Lazy of Days”

OK, i can pretty much sum up all that i did in one word: nothing! It was like the classic Saturdays i had enjoyed before i started work at Waitrose (who cruelly took my saturdays away form me!) But this time i would not be deprived of the bliss that is knowing you have nothing to do! (to me, this is the best news to get) So, as a try professional lazyman, i slept. I continued to sleep. I awoke, toileted (ok, originally, i wasn’t going to write this, but i think i have to) i had been thinking about going to the toilet for sometime in bed. For some reason i was worried that someone would be in there. But , eventually i stored up the courage and got out of bed to go to the loo. I had only taken 3 steps before i heard a “Sorry Ryan”. I couldn’t help but look up (you have to, you need to know what someones sorry about!) I immediately wished i hadn’t gt out of bed as my eye saw Sue, on the toilet (in here sleepy state, she had forgotten to close the door). No sooner as i had seen, i did not as i was leaping down the stairs going “Its ok” when really, it wasn’t! I got downstairs and was indeed thankful that the O’Neills had 2 toilets. I pulled the handle down only to hear the unmistakable “Im in here” from inside (it has that shocked and scared tone to it that alway makes you feel guilty) I quickly rushed upstairs (hoping not to run into Sue again. I had already seen enough of her to last me a lifetime! I lay back down in my bed and immediatly repressed the memory of what had happened (clearly not well enough though) i eventually did manage to get to the toilet. I then slept some more. I decided that i had deserved this nothing day as i had worked so very hard in the week (so i don’t want to see anyone complaining in comments, mum!)

I eventually decided i had finished my lie-in around 11 and i decided to waddle down to the computer where i was delighted to see a) an email from Spike & Rach and b) a lovely mammoth long email from Natalie which i enjoyed spending a lot of time replying to before i soon realized i was a bit too late for breakfast an decided to hunt for some lunch.

I managed (i made sure) i found the cake from yesterday evening and decided (made sure) i had a piece for lunch. I also braved the horrors of the sometimes deadly to produce 2 pieces of toast and spent ages (which meant that the toast was cold, darn) hunting for butter. This adventure ended when i eventually found something that looked good enough to be butter in a shelf in the fridge (thankfully, it also tasted like butter so i was ok)

I then began eating away the hours of the afternoon. This envolved playing with Natalie’s cards, snoozing and writing lesson plans. This was mainly my afternoon. Only problem was my back. It was still pritty swore and i really needed a massage. Again, i prayed for God to use his teleportation powers but alas, no luck (doesn’t mean im not going to keep trying though!)

I then enjoyed tea with Susie who had come round to work on activity week things with Sue and we all enjoyed the conversation we all had (we are all very polite you see) and then while the 2 ladies had a chat, me, Micah and Bruce had a manly chat about sport which i obviously excelled in (can you excel in a conversation? We’ll i contributed most of the info so in my eyes, that counts as excelling!) And after that, i did what i had mainly done throughout the day, and slept.

3 Responses to “Day 12 – “Oh Lazy of Days””

  1. jeremy galpin said:

    Oct 26, 09 at 9:40 pm

    i expect sue was as shocked as you!

  2. Linda said:

    Oct 27, 09 at 2:13 am

    I think after the week you’ve had you really deserved a lie in and an easy day!!! Posted the parcel today – should take about a week – though we have some postal strikes so pray it’s left the uk by Thursday!!!Hope you enjoy it – I had fun putting it together.xxxxooooo

  3. unicorn said:

    Jan 11, 17 at 6:34 am

    Paragraph writing is also a fun, if you know after that you can write or else
    it is complicated to write.

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