Day 13 – The McMillan Meal

Today, i was again given free rain on when to get up. Apart from the small matter of church. But thankfully this was at 11 and just a 10 mins walk away so i could have a lie-in till almost 10:40 and still get to church on time (of course, this was not enough for me) I left it till 10:45 to get out of bed and left the house at 10:55 (i always leave things to the last minute) Obviously, i was late for church, but only 5 or so minutes late so i only missed the notices (which, if they were anything like St. James’, i wouldn’t have miss much! Apart form my mum making a fool of herself of course!) I managed to find a seat next to the McMillans and enjoyed the service which i admit, did have a lot of new songs (i only knew the hyme and i thought i had at least another 50 more years before that happened to me at church!) But i enjoyed the the service as a whole.

Afterward i got talking to the guy who was sitting next to me (one of those guys you swear you recognize, but you know¬† you don’t know them) And we chatted about why we were in Nepal, what we were doing here and things like that, it was very nice. I then ad a quick chat with Leslie about activity week before i was whisked off by the McMillan family for lunch at their house. This would mean taking a taxi (or so i thought) Nope, Phil actually drove which was quite surprising as i knew of nobody else who did. But credit to him, he got everyone to their house in one piece and thats what counts (however, if i had been a backseat driver, i would have been going mental!)

I enjoyed birthday quiche (it was the girl who was staying with them’s birthday) and yes mum, i did eat it! I also found out that this was the family my Gran stayed with when she came to Nepal. They thought she was amazing and considered her to be their Gran to which i though was very nice (i felt very proud that she was mine really thought) We then had birthday cake and when i saw it, immediately regretted having another slice of quiche (darn my hunger!) But i made up for it by having plenty of tea (yay) However, having a lot of tea has its draw backs and by the time we had to go, i was dying for the toilet. However, we were walking to KISC, which was a 30 mins walk and across the ring road. Thankfully, by the time we got to the ring road we had found a taxi and were weaving towards KISC.

I quickly made myself known to everyone before hurtling up the stairs darting into the toilet. I was then given plenty of work to do to help prepare for Activity Week. I firstly made signs for stuff like the “Poopdeck” and the “ships bell” and Sue and LB were very impressed at my computer skills. So i was given another computer task to do by Susie, which i passed with flying colours (step aside Andrew, theres a new computer geek in town!)

We were soon finished (well, as much as we could be) and we went home with high spirits. To a dinner that was “lasagna” and was delicious! I made sure i stored up the lasagna in my stomach for a later date (i had 5 pieces) i had been told that Mark & Liz have a lot of dalbat and wanted to make sure i had something else left in reserve (i still believe that you have a dessert, a mains and now a reserve stomach)

I was looking forward to tomorrow as it was the start of Activity week. But also, Mark & Liz were coming and i was very excited for Micah as he was going off for the week to do some awesome activities elsewhere in Nepal (wish i was going instead!)

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  1. Helen said:

    Oct 27, 09 at 11:44 pm

    I dont have your email address :( what is it please?

  2. jeremy galpin said:

    Oct 29, 09 at 12:42 am

    you sound like garfield on the lasagne, there’s us thinking sending you to nepal would get you up in the morning! still have hopes!

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