Day 14 – Message in a Bottle

Today was the first day of the hugely anticipated Activity Week (i was one of those people eagerly anticipating it) But, of course, there was the rather large matter (very large) of getting out of bed in time for school! Thankfully thought, i managed to hall myself out and into school on time (just!) But when i got there, i did feel a little under dressed. All the other teachers looked like proper pirates with hats and swords and eye-patches. Whereas i was wearing my Reading shirt, flip-flops, a belt around the chest and shoulder and an attempted beard that looked like i had stuck on rather than grown! I looked like a Reading fan who had got very confused about whether the match was home or away & didn’t know how to dress himself! (which i guess i kinda am in a way!) Thankfully, Binod was on hand to save me from embarrassment with a proper t-shirt and bandanna. After changing I definatly looked more like a pirate (all be it a scummy cabin boy rather than a Captain) But that is luckily exactly what i was needed to be so it was quite good.

Leslie then came up to me before line-up and asked if i could “find” a bottle with a message in it and then deliver it to her at line-up time (my dramatic timing would definatly come in handy here…) So i waited behind a building to some storming in with the message (wait for it, wait for it i said) The truth was i did not know when to come in! So Leslie had to stall so many times (but not as many as i did when i was learning to drive!) She eventually had to look over at me and give me a “get a move on” look so i quickly burst from my hiding place, holding the bottle aloft. Then, my amazing acting skills started to come to their potential; “I found this bottle Admiral. There’s a piece of paper inside. I think it be a message says i!” An oscar winning performance if you don’t mind me saying. The kids absolutely loved in and were laughing a lot (im hoping at what i said, rather than me but hey, gotta take the laughs as they come!)

I then took most of the morning to do what i usually did and read and reply to emails. But, first i had to set up for the games sessions i would be doing in the afternoon. And i had another helper for the week. A guy called Jordan who was in Grade 11 and didn’t have the greatest record when it came to behavior. I was a bit apprehensive with him at first but soon learned he wasn’t a bad guy and decided that  relaxed approach with him would work (which it has so far) And got him doing most of my work so i didn’t have to (i very much enjoyed this)

Soon though, i had to practice a) songs and b) the skit (short drama for those who don’t know) for the assembly, which were quick run through’s i have to say and soon it was time for the real thing. The skit we did was brilliant and i was basically the Admirals right hand man (and a very good one at that) and Scruffy Holy Pants (a as the name suggests, scruffy crew member played by Leslie’s husband) i was trying to get him to prove that he was good enough to be a crew member for our voyage and he was failing. But the Admiral lets him on because no matter what you look like, everyone can be on this voyage. Just like the bible says, no matter what you look like or who you are, if you love God, you can be in his crew (takes vicar hat off – thats enough sermon for one blog entry!) We then sang “Lord i Lift Your Name on High” exept, we did it in a bit of a reggae style and it was awesome! (take note music group, reggae versions of songs work!!!) And the kids really enjoyed it which was the important thing.

It was then “adventure” time. First up for me, Binod and Jordan was the Grade 3 & 4′s. I did a quick warm-up with them which involved running to different ends of the hall. We then played a game called “Captain can’t catch me” which is essentially “bulldog” (don’t worry, there’s no such thing as Health and Safety in Nepal!) except with tagging instead of taking the other person out. Which went well apart from one moment where they were just not paying attention so i had to get a bit angry, but apart from that they were ok. However, the Grade 1 & 2′s and 5 & 6′s were brilliant and we had a great time playing and i didn’t have to shout at them at all and i got to play also (though i was a bit too good) After the kids had gone home, Sue came up to me and said that she had heard great reviews from the kids about the games which i was pleased about, afterall, whats the point in doing them if they’re not going to enjoy them! Leslie then asked me if i would be willing to do an 8min video montage of the Activity Week for next week (more techno. stuff, why isn’t it you here Andrew!?!) But i know im a mean movie maker so i accepted the task only to learn how long 8 mins actually is! (its almost 10!!)

I then went home to the O’Neills to find Micah which was surprising, he was ment to be having the time of his life on a school trip. But, disasterously, he had caught a bug and was unable to go (poor guy) But hopefully he would be better tomorrow and would be able to go up and not miss to much of the trip (if he was ill, i might try and go instead!)

I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and waiting for the inevitable phone call from the Galpin’s to say “We’ve arrived!” However, it got later and later and later and they still hadn’t rung (maybe they’d been kidnapped by pirates!) After having a good chat with Helen on facebook i decided that they clearly were either a) having a relaxed evening to get back into the swing of things or b) delayed quite badly. But there was no time to worry about that! I had my own troubles, my bed had been completely striped and i didn’t have a blanket or a pillow or anything! But, i guessed that it was just getting washed so i got my sleeping bag out and settled down for the night. Only to be awoken 15mins later by Bruce saying he was very sorry for stripping my bed and that he didn’t really want me to leave (right Bruce! In the morning i’ll probably have my bags all packed and waiting by the gate!) But i said i would manage and for the second time in the evening, settled down and went to sleep.

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  1. Carol Morgan said:

    Oct 28, 09 at 5:35 pm

    I`m supposed to be wrtting an essay, but your blog is much more interesting, STOP making me laugh, I`ve got work to do. Alex, Zoe and me all agree about getting teenagers out of bed,(yesturday`s blog) harder even than writting an essay (only just).

  2. jeremy galpin said:

    Oct 29, 09 at 12:46 am

    i hope the galpins arrived in the end! glad to hear the games went down well

  3. John said:

    Nov 03, 09 at 3:32 am

    I’ve been saying that for years (re reggae style!)

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