Day 15 – A Galpin, late? Never…

It should now be quite aware to you all that i do not get out of bed easily (some of you may know this from experience) so saying that i got out of bed around my normal time this morning does not i got out of bed when i needed to! It means i got out of bed late, very late! Me and morning lie-in’s go together almost as well as my mum and the song “Our God is a Great Big God”! So there was the usual, “No time for breakfast”, “Where is my pirate t-shirt” this morning as i frantically ran around the O’Neills house looking for my stuff. This frantic pace continued as i made my way to school. But as soon as i got into the Staffroom, i became as laid back as i was around30mins ago when i was in bed.

I then had a quick conversation with the 2 most important people in KISC, firstly, with Leslie who said that Jordan had come down with a really bad stomach bug and had been really sick and wouldn’t be coming in today (a lot of people seem to be getting ill as Micah was still ill today and was unable to go to the activity he was already late for) Then, Judith came in and told me that she had seem me yesterday taking the games sessions and thought that i was “amazing” and “a natural” which i found very uplifting and thanked her for the compliment (i just had to keep it up for the rest of the term! Sounds like a challenge!)

With all praises and motivation to go be an awesome PE teacher still ringing in my ears, i decided to sit in front of the computer and reply to emails (i felt motivated to reply to them well!) Managing to talk to Binod at the same time and invent a new game for the kids to play in the process (well, that was mainly Binod, but i made it Piratey which is definatly the hardest thing to do!)  and with planning for the for the afternoon’s activities already done, i got back to motivating myself to reply to my emails really well! (which i think i definatly did!)

I was then whisked away after lunch to the hall where we practiced the skit for the assembly which involved being tied to Scruffy Holy Pants to show that nothing can separate us from the love of God which was very clever but meant it was very hard to get down the stage stairs and on numerous times we had to be very careful with our footing (hes quite old so i had to be very careful incase we had a trip and we had a real life Geriatric Jeremy! *Shudders*) The kids absolutely loved it and were in hysterics (well, at least that’s what i thought they were but i had more pressing matters to worry about, namely not falling over!) Our only problem was when Leslie asked Chris (Scruffy Holy Pants) to turn the CD player on, which involved stretching over to reach it. Of course, he was tied to me so when he tried to do this, i felt an almighty tug on my waist and almost fell over as Chris reached for the CD player. Thankfully, damage to aether one of us was avoided and we skillfully managed to get the CD player on and playing.

Games soon followed and a quick slip and we were both free and i was off! I was again Grade 3 & 4 first and i hoped that they would be better than yesterday. They were! We had a brilliant games session with them and they really enjoyed the game. This continued with all the Grades and at the end of the day me and Binod were very pleased we had done such a good job (which we had!) Binod then invited me to do something on the Sunday with him which i said i would make sure i was doing anything first before i said but i was very excited by the prospect! (i would get to ride on his motorbike!!) But, i wouldn’t even have to wait that long to do that as Binod asked me if i wanted a lift home to the O’Neills house, on his motorbike! (There was only ever going to be one answer to that question; yes!!) So i set off on my first motorbike journey, in a city with basically one traffic law, don’t crash! (i didn’t even need to have a helmet!) Unfortunately we ran into some trouble and i lost both my legs (got you mum!) It was a very exciting journey to say the least but Binod was a very good driver and despite having a few near misses we got to the O’Neills house unscathed (Oh, mum, dad, i want a motorbike for Christmas) and i looked forward to the next ride i would get!

When i got in i was then told by Bruce that the Galpins flight had been massively delayed and they were either going to get it late tonight or tomorrow (they had scheduled to arrive last night) But thankfully, around dinner time, we got a call from Liz saying that they had finally arrived and were back at home. They said that would come over in about 1 hour to see me and sort out what when i was going to move to their house (but first, i had to have dinner!) And, to my delight, we had lasagna!! I was overjoyed and made the most of this delight by having 5 pieces (take note mum, 1st meal when i get back, lasagna!) Bruce said that i must have been Garfield in a former life and it would explain a lot: love of lasagna, laziness… yep, its all there! I was Garfield!

After dinner we all decided to watch “The Proposal”  which was interrupted by the arrival of the long awaited Galpin’s! So we stopped the film (regrettably) and we went to go say hello (or namaste i should say!) and talked for a while before we decided it was probably best i moved tomorrow after school and then the Galpin’s left and we were able to finish “The Proposal”. I then witnessed the best and probably funniest moment of my trip so far (Micah, i thank you!) in the film, the guy was sleeping on the floor and the woman was in bed. Then the mum of the guy knocked on the door and asked to some in so he had to rush to get into bed with the woman (they had to pretend they were getting married) and when he does, the woman goes “Oi” to him and he says “Sorry, its morning”. Now to a lot of people, that joke would probably pass them by and they wouldn’t any the wiser, Sue O’Neill was one of these people. But, being inquisitive, she questions it to try and find an answer; “Morning?”  Micah, who knew exactly what what they were talking about just bluntly blurts out “erection” and nothing else! Now, blurting out the word erection is funny enough but add the fact it was in answer to a question, from his mum! Even Sue looked shocked! While i was trying not to laugh so hard i would fall off my chair! It was very very funny! (again, thank you Micah!) But soon the weirdness of the movie (the granny had just finished thanking the God for bringing the man & woman together) got too much and Bruce & Sue decided to stop it and switch it off, which we all decided to do so we trudged upstairs and all “switched off” for the night (however, i was still laughing at the “erection” situation. He he)

(Side note: i was listening to this song while i was posting this blog and think its amazing and wanted to see what everyone thinks. You may have heard it before, its called “Your Beautiful” by Phil Wickham. Enjoy!)

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