Day 16 – Galpins Unite!

Today was going to bring a new test in my teaching skills as i would not only be teaching kids i didn’t know, but today i would be teaching 2 kids i knew pritty well, you could say i knew them so well they were like family! How would Miriam and Josh react to me turning from cool fun cousin (its true, they said it themselves!) to cool fun teacher (obviously not bigging myself up too much) Well today would be the day that i find out!

The day started normally (late up, and rushing to school) and i enjoyed the normal routine of tea, emailing and snacking before lunchtime where i had been asked to go on the roof to look after the kids eating there lunch. I had been told this would only be for around 15 mins where i was then needed in the hall for skit practice. This did not take into account eating time of Lucy and Miriam when i was there (eating time when Ryan is there = 3 x normal eating time) This meant, instead of being 15 mins, it took 25 mins and i was late for skit practice. But thankfully there wasn’t much to practice for the skit (all i had to do was to decide to help Scruffy Holy Pants when he was being sea sick to show love for one another) and soon it was round 3 of the games adventure sessions where i had decided to attempt to play benchball with Grades 3 & 4 and 5 & 6, without any benches… (surely not!) But it turned out to be a stroke of genius and they all thoroughly enjoyed it. With the grade 1 & 2′s however we decided to do “Follow the Captain” which is just basically doing exactly what the person at the front of the line is doing. This went on for around 15 mins until me & Binod ran out of idea’s and had to completely blag the rest of the lesson by making up games on the spot (good thing my mother is a children’s worker! Never thought I’d ever say that!) We managed it and ended the day on a high.

I was soon however using the last of my energy to quickly pack all my stuff to move to the Galpins house. I did try and plan it so i had dinner at the O’Neills, moved to the Galpins and then had dinner with them. Unfortunately, my plan failed and i had to put up with 1 dinner. As the Galpins lived so close to the O’Neills there was no need to get a taxi (eventhough i thought there was!) so my already weary body had to lug my very heavy luggage all the way to the GalpinsĀ  house (around a 5 mins walk which felt more like 50!) But me and my escort, Sue, eventually made it to the Galpins house where i was greeted warmly by both Lopsy (the dog) and my uncle Mark (though both welcomes were pritty similar i have to say)

I quickly got settled in and then had dinner with some family friends and i listened to their chats (faining interest is 1 of my many talents) while enjoying thai currey and bolognase sauce with rice (the best of both worlds) But soon i decided it was indeed time to go to bed (there would be plenty of time for family time tomorrow when i was a bit less tired) so i went into the room i could finally call my own for the next 8 weeks and quickly drifted off to sleep.

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  1. admin said:

    Nov 03, 09 at 2:06 am

    Spam removed brother :)

  2. linda galpin said:

    Nov 20, 09 at 11:13 pm

    missing what you’ve been getting up to – know you’re really busy with teaching and after schoo clubs etc. Great being able to talk to you on Skype!!!Hope all your plans for when you’ve finshed school are coming together!!! mumx

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